History of Deshi-Do


The History of Deshi-Do Martial Arts, Oakleigh Karate & Fitness Centre

In 1982 Sensei Perry Bell was introduced to Shihan K.W.Loh, a renowned karate-ka from Singapore, who had been studying Shito-ryu Karate-do, under the guidance of Shihan T. Yoneda, a student of Di Sensei Kenwa Mabuni and his sons.   Sensei Kenai Mabuni and Sensei Kenzo Mabuni.

In 1984 Sensei Perry, although already training with Shihan K.W. Loh in an unofficial capacity joined and became a member of Shito-ryu Shuyoukan Karate-do, training under Shihan, K.W Loh and Shihan T. Yoneda.  In 1987, Sensei Perry Bell was granted his Shodan (1st Dan) in the art of Shito-ryu and started teaching a branch dojo, in the suburb of Oakleigh, Melbourne, Victoria – Australia.

On 7 May 1999, Sensei Perry was granted his Yondan (4th Dan) and was given authority by His Sensei to open and run his own school of karate-do, which also during this time Sensei Perry Bell also studied Aikido for two years.

Sensei Perry Bell and his teacher Shihan K.W. Loh have been studying the Okinawan art of Kobudo, under the guidance of Sensei’s Gakiya and Josei Yogi, since 1995 and currently holds the rank of Shodan (1st Dan), in Okinawan Kobudo.

Also during this time Sensei Perry Bell has spent the last twenty years learning Yoga, teaching and practising the style over the last ten years.

Sensei Perry Bell is also a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Reflexologist as well, as Personal Trainer.

In 2001  Sensei Perry Bell opened his first full time training academy in Oakleigh and named it Deshi-Do (The way of the student) and our moto is The Quest for Excellence.

The Deshi-Do Martial Arts Centre is a fully equipped fitness centre, catering for people of all ages.  The Instructors are fully qualified in teaching and promoting fitness and well being.

Following is a list of the classes held at Deshi-Do Martial Arts:

Adults  Karate
Childrens karate
Cardio Karate
Cardio Kickboxing
Yoga / Body Balance
Okinawan Kobudo
Personal Training
We also offer both relaxation as well as remedial massage, reflexology and reiki.


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