Sensei Perry Bell

My name is Perry Bell and I am the Chief Instructor at Deshi-Do Martial Arts – Oakleigh Karate & Fitness Centre.  I am a father of five, Jason, Matthew, Alexander, Zahara and Alexis.  I am married to a beautiful women, her name is Sofia, she completes my life.

In Karatedo I have obtained the following, 4th Dan Shito-ryu Karate-do Shuyoukan, studying under the guidance of Shihan K.W Loh 6th Dan since 1982, 1st Dan Okinawan Kobudo, studying under the guidance of K.W Loh, 5th Dan since 1995.  Yoga teacher since 1999, teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, Relaxation and Remedial Massage Therapist since 1992, Reiki Practitioner since 1997, Personal Trainer since 1990.  In all I have been studying and training in many healing modalities for 40 years.

My journey into the World of Martial Arts began in 1973 when I trained for two years with Kyokushin Karate.  I trained for another year of learning Taekwondo.  In 1974 I studied Wing Chun Kung Fu and then I studied Wado-Kai Karate for a further 3 years.  In 1982 I was introduced to Shihan K.W.Loh who also studied under the guidance of Sensei T Yoneda.

In 1984 I became a member of Shito-ryu Shuyoukan Karate-do.  In 1987 I achieved the rank of Shodan (1st Dan) and started teaching at the Oakleigh dojo in Melbourne, Australia.  During 1995 and 1996 I studied the art of Aikido.  On 7 May 1999 I achieved the rank of Yondan (4th Dan) in Shito-ryu Shuyoukan Karate-do and was granted authority to open and run my own school of karate-do.  I have been studying the Okinawan art of Kobudo, under the guidance of Sensei’s Gakiya and Josei Yogi, since 1995 and currently hold the rank of Shodan (1st Dan), in Okinawan Kobudo.    In July 2016 my rank of rank of Yondan (4th Dan) was recognized by SHITOKAI MURAYAMA, President.

I have experience in the martial arts and have achieved the following:

–          4th Dan in Shito-kai Murayama Karate-do;

–          4th Dan in Shito-ryu Shuyoukan Karate-do;

–          1st Dan in Okinawan Kobudo;

–          Yoga teacher (Hatha and Vinyasa) since 1999;

–          Relaxation and Remedial Massage Therapist since 1992;

–          Reiki Practitioner since 1997 and

–          Personal Trainer since 1990.


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