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10 reasons why karate benefits kids

1.  Fostering Self-Discipline – One of the central tenets of all forms of the martial arts is an absolute focus on self-discipline.  Today’s kids are so accustomed to receiving instant gratification that karate lessons in self-restraint and discipline aren’t always easy to come by.  Kids with a martial arts background are continually reminded of how essential self-discipline is.

2.  Boosting Socialization Skills – Kids who don’t always thrive in highly social environments may find it easier to get to know people and make new friends when they’re in a room filled with peers who share a common interest.  The kids on the playground may not always have much common ground, but devotees to the martial arts are able to get to know one another through shared pursuits.  The ju jitsu part of karate can also foster camaraderie, as they force kids to pair off and build their skills together.

3.  Encouraging Physical Activity – Limiting screen time is a great idea when it comes to getting kids off the couch and encouraging them to be more active, but it only goes so far.  Enrolling an inactive child in such a physically demanding pastime not only discourages the sedentary lifestyle they are used to, but also gives your child an enjoyable activity that inspires them to keep moving.

4.  Learning to Set and Achieve Goals – Most forms of martial arts are based around an accomplishment system of coloured belts that signify the wearer’s degree of skill.  When your child strives toward each new belt, they are learning valuable lessons about setting and reaching their goals.

5.  Increased Self-Esteem – Confidence comes with achievement, so your child’s self-esteem level will get a boost with every new move they master and every belt they earn.  Kids who struggle with a low sense of self-worth, usually will become more confident as time progresses while they’re enrolled in a martial arts class.

6.  Instilling a Sense of Respect – Learning karate will require your child to show their Teacher unflinching respect.  Today’s kid culture doesn’t always include respect for authority, adults or those in advanced positions.  When the child attends karate classes they will be learning lessons in respect along with new moves.

7.  Encouraging Non-Violent Conflict Resolution – Thinking that martial arts instruction promotes violent behaviour is justified if your only experience with the activity comes from television or movies.  In fact, karate will teach kids peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills and emphasize the importance of avoiding a physical altercation.

8.  Improving Listening Skills – In order to master the skills they will be taught and advance through the belt ranks, your child will have to exercise superior listening skills.  Kids who aren’t always adept when it comes to paying attention to what they’re told can benefit from the verbal instruction and one-on-one work in the dojo.

9.  Developing Teamwork Skills – Whether they are breaking boards to get a new belt or sparring in a practice setting to master a new maneuver, there are few things that your child does in their karate classes that will be done on their own.  Working together to learn new things and accomplish goals is an important life lesson for kids to learn, and instruction in karate can help your child learn that lesson.

10.  Improvement in Other Areas of Life – The benefits of karate don’t end in the dojo.  The boost in confidence, increased fitness level and new cooperation skills will also help your child navigate the academic and social aspects of school, affect ones behaviour at home and have an all-around good influence on your child as they develop into their adulthood.


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At the Deshi-Do Martial Arts Centre – Oakleigh Karate & Fitness Centre can help.

Our Junior programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of our younger students by developing their attention span and coordination.  The classes are scheduled for 45 minutes each and it is ideal for our younger students to attend classes two times per week.  The skills which are taught are kept simple so as not to confuse the children.   We work with a mix of self defence techniques of karate and Juijitsu (Grappling ), so the child learns not only to defend from a standing position, but from the ground as well.

Building confidence and skills with these activities and specifically designed to keep the child focused and enthused.  The Junior Programs will also prepare your child for our more advanced Children’s Martial Arts Program. In the junior classes, your child will be exposed to positive social interaction.  They will learn how to work with others and follow directions from the Instructors.  Our Junior School  Instructors are excellent role models who are trained specifically to work with pre-school children.

The following are some of the benefits from your child will attain from participating in the junior class:

FOCUS Improve listening and reaction skills.  They will excel faster in any outside physical activities they participate.  Your child will also become a better listener and a more focused student in school.

TEAMWORK A necessary skill for any young child to develop, in order to get along with and learn to communicate with others people.   The more confident your child becomes the more willing they will be to work with others.  Your child will develop a strong character, which in turn will help him/her make new friends and become a Leaders in life.

CONTROL Having control means making good decisions.  Once your child has learned to control their skills at handling a problem, they  will learn to make the right decisions.  Control builds confidence.

BALANCE A skill crucial best developed at an early age.  Your child is beginning to participate in many physical activities that are challenging, like football, netball, etc – our programs are designed that your child will develop a good sense of balance, as well as giving them a better posture.

MEMORY  It is a proven fact that exercising is a great way of developing a good memory, which will help in the growth of your child’s brain activity.  The sooner your child joins an exercise program like Karate, the smarter they will become.  Our drills are constantly helping your child think and make smart decisions.

SELF DISCIPLINE Is a very important part of all our lives.   Our Instructors use the junior program drills to help create the vision that self discipline is also fun and rewarding.  Your child will take pride in doing the things they know to be right and fair.  Your child will also be able to accept and follow directions better.

FITNESS It is important for children to understand the importance of being healthy and physically fit.  If your child does not burn off excess energy exercising, they will become frustrated and confused, which in turn will make them unhappy.  Exercise will burn of excess energy helping them to relax easier.

COORDINATION  One of the first things your child will learn is to understand the concept left from right.  This will help them become better physical participants in sports and activities.  The better coordination your child has the fewer injuries your child will sustain and the more enjoyment they will have, whilst participating in their chosen sport.  In our junior classes, we make learning fun and educational.

Our goal is to help your child be the best they can be at everything they are focused upon.  Our junior motto is “children today, leaders tomorrow” At Deshi-Do Martial Arts, our program will better equip you child with the attributes of  higher self esteem and greater confidence, in return make them less of a target for bullies.  We’ll also teach them specific ways to avoid trouble, and to overcome the ‘bully’ without having to resort to fighting.   Instead of teaching “sport karate” or flashy but empty “Hollywood Movie” techniques, we’ll give them practical and effective self defence skills that are appropriate for their age, that will last them for a lifetime.  Additionally, we cover a variety of life skills ranging from stranger danger awareness, how to introduce themselves politely, how to dial 000 and what an emergency is, how to say “NO” to a bully and mean it.  We teach them how to get parent’s attention without interrupting.

Here’s what other people have to say about the Deshi-Do Martial Arts “Junior” Program:


Thank you for your time and we hope to meet you at our school.  Remember, the greatest gifts you can give your child are self confidence, greater self esteem and a positive mental attitude. Give them the best chance they have at attaining these all important qualities.  Register today to take advantage of our special Internet offer. While you are at it, why not consider joining our adult program? There is no better way to stay in shape, have fun, learn to defend yourself, lose weight and relieve stress.





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