Tuesday 6pm

At Deshi-Do Martial Arts our Cardio Kickboxing program is for you, whether you are a beginner or advanced Cardio Kickboxer.  You workout your whole body at every lesson. With a friendly environment, you will definitely find what you are looking for right here in Oakleigh!  

The Kickboxing lessons are a friendly way to keep fit, using pads to kick and punch with various combinations, floor work, keeping the heart rate up and at the same time learn some life skills.  This training is suitable for males and females.  Beginners Most Welcome.

Kickboxing is popular and is known as aerobic or cardiovascular (Cardio) Kickboxing, which combines elements of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics to provide an overall physical conditioning and toning.  Unlike other types of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between competitors.  It is a fantastic cardiovascular workout, that is done because of its many benefits to the body.

The Kickboxing class starts with warm-up, which may include stretching and traditional exercises such as jumping jacks and push-ups, followed by a 30 minute Kickboxing session which includes movements such as knee strikes, kicks, and punches.  Some instructors may use equipment like punching bags or jump ropes.

After this, at least 5 minutes should be devoted to cooling down, followed with stretching and muscle conditioning. Stretching is really important because beginners can strain (“pull”) their muscle.  Slow, proper stretching helps relax muscles and prevents injury.







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