Absolutely love the karate teaching, amazing and dedicated Teacher, there is no other like Sensei Perry Bell  –  Michelle Jaystone

Omg just had one of the best Cardio Karate workouts in a long time.. Time to re think my programme! — with Roseanne Freethy and Carina Griffiths

Thanks to Deshi-Do Martial Arts, you are truly amazing! Krystal Hughes

You are a bloody legend! Love your work! AMAZING! Woo! Thanks again, Stephenie Garac xx

Great work Sofy keep it up, believe in yourself, you are amazing xx Perry Bell

Thanks again for your amazing, hard, intense session tonight! You are an amazing Personal Trainer  Perry Bell! Feeling very sore after this week! Thanks again! Xx  Joanne Shannon

Thanks for keeping it real. I love the style of training at Deshi-Do Martial Arts x Georgia Beaumont-Jessop and  Thanks Sofy, for another excellent session!

Olga Goumas Brilliant training session…it’s a must people!

Sensei Perry ! I am both in awe at your prowess and scared that you will knock the stuffing out of me!! Hoping to get to an Adult Karate session sometime over the next months, you are truly inspiring!! xoxo Karrrrrrpis

Chrisi Liapis Awesome Yoga Perry….thankyou

Great Kickboxing class. ALWAYS! sorry I had to rush off! Thanks again, Victor and Chris