Success Stories

What a great weekend with Deshi-Do Martial Arts representing their school and Australia in the 2014 – ISKA (International Sports Karate Association) – World Cup!

Victor Suturin from the Oakleigh dojo was simply outstanding with performing a kata in the black belt division and won the World Championships.  First Place, Number 1 in the World!  Victor also placed 3rd place in the full contact sparring black belt division.

Nicholas Perrine also from the Deshi-Do Martial Arts Oakleigh dojo, did exceptionally well for his first tournament, winning his first fight!

Josh Swarey from the Deshi-Do Martial Arts Wagga Wagga dojo, placed 2nd in the continuous full contact sparring division.

Children from the Deshi-Do Martial Arts Clayton dojo also performed well and came very close in placing in both the kata and self defence division.

Overall, a great effort from the team! Looking forward to competing in the 2015 World Titles!

Below: Victor Suturin performing kata.   See our photo gallery for updated pictures from the ISKA competition.